The Perfect Candidate

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September 13, 2012 by Rambler

Everyone is under this impression that who you vote for in November will be a perfect candidate. Or whoever has been in office didn’t do a perfect job. Is anyone really surprised by this? Of course they aren’t perfect. Why would anyone think they could be?

This country is home to more than 350,000,000 people.  would venture to guess that a majority of those people have some conflicting points when it comes to their political stance. Not everyone is 100% this candidate or that candidate. We vote for whomever we feel will best handle our particular interests.

But the problem is that instead of finding a common ground in political debates to better the country, parties have become more divided just out of anger and spite. This is NOT how our government should be working. We should not be electing officials who decide to not do their job of representing the individuals who placed them in office, but who rather choose to go against someone, strictly because being on the same side as your opponent would be traitorous.

For those that understand the importance of voting and make it out to vote your elected officials, don’t vote for a color. Don’t vote for a name. Vote for morals, ethics, and values that matter. It doesn’t matter where at on the political spectrum you fall, we all have beliefs. Make sure you vote for someone who has your same beliefs and not just against someone.

I was asked earlier if I was one of those “Obama” voters. I said I did vote for him, but I would probably not be voting for him this time. Not because I think he did a ‘terrible’ job, but rather he lied about something that I am passionate about. That is marijuana reform. I am not voting against Obama because of the marijuana stance, but rather will look more towards the Green Party as they share the same values that I do. If you choose to vote Red or Blue, fine. Congratulations! You Voted and that is a huge deal. But whatever you do… vote for, not against, whomever it is.


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